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Coastal Crush

2016 Coastal Crush Spring Team tryouts TBA…

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WBIHS Annual Fundraiser Games

  The WBIHS Annual Fundraiser Games are non profit events dedicated to raising awareness about ice hockey on Long Island, educating the upcoming generations about the levels beyond youth...

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Training Camp

____________________________________________________________________________________________   WBIHS 2016 Summer Training Camp – (8/8- 8/12) All Players Welcome! Long Beach Ice Arena 5:30...

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____________________________________________________________________________________________   2015 Summer Basic Skills Clinic – Long Beach Ice Arena – Thursdays (5pm – 6pm)...

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2018 Crush Another great season for the Crush! June 22, 2018 - Thank you to all the families that participated this year! The boys battled hard every game and proved themselves to be a solid contender during our Spring season! We felt many players stepped up and raised there compete levels to the meet the demanding and physical challenges bantam hockey has to offer. We know that […]
2017 Bantams - Colored Three-peat!!! June 17, 2017 - Way to go Crush, we won and defended the title 3 years in a row! What a great ending to our time with this age group. We’re very proud of all that they accomplished and we want to say thank you to all the families that stayed with us these past few years!
Crush 2016 Bantam’s win the Silver Division Championship! June 5, 2016 - Another successful year. The boys showed maturity, work ethic and teamwork. We’re very proud of all that they accomplished! Go Crush!!!

Stickhandling April 23, 2014 - This is a very basic description of stick handling. There are many, creative and effective, advanced maneuvers that a player can manipulate the puck with. However; before considering those more advanced techniques, you must focus on the basics! Above all else; don’t over stickhandle, and keep your head up! Sometimes the most effective way to […]


Passing April 23, 2014 - This is merely the basics of passing! There are many types of passes. Some of these might include; touch passes, saucer passes, forehand/backhand passes and deflection passes. An advanced player is responsible for passing the puck through and around targets, as well as receiving any incoming pass. This means any puck moving in your direction, […]

Williams Brothers Hockey - Turning, Stopping, and Pivoting

Turning, Stopping, and Pivoting April 23, 2014 -   Turning, Stopping, and Pivoting are all achieved through the use of your edges, weight transfer and crossovers. Your chest should be upright and your shoulders should be square. Full extension from the heel of your blade when accelerating out of turn, stop, or pivot is paramount! Following up with a full return, picking up […]

How realistic is it that my child will play professionally? April 17, 2014 - Very few players from any local youth hockey age group will play at the Provincial Junior A or Division III level,  let alone at the Tier I Junior A or Division I level. The same rule applies to the small percentage that does, and only a small percentage of those players will ever play professionally. The same rule applies to […]
How do I, as a player, deal with the adversity I’m faced with? April 17, 2014 - How you deal with adversity, will serve to define you! To quote the great Vince Lombardi; “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up”. A player, and Coach, should be thankful for the adversity in their career. Bitterness will only work against you! It is important to learn from your mistakes, […]
How much ice time should I expect? April 17, 2014 - At the Mite through Peewee levels, everyone should play. The focus should be learning each position, the skills required, and the strategies involved. Once a player reaches the Bantam level, they face the adversity of earning ice time. Players are bigger, stronger, and more aggressive. Injuries occur, and as a result a larger roster is […]