Power Skating

The content below merely scratches the surface of Power Skating Training. We offer a variety of drills and techniques, to push each player to their maximum potential. Focus on the word “Power”, in the term Power Skating. It’s all about powerful long strides; focusing on a deep knee bend, and a POWERFUL explosion from the heel of your skate blade! Remember; “Full Extension, Full Return”! Quick feet, with choppy strides, will only result in limited ability as a skater. Speed comes from proper form and technique! Those quick feet will come with strength training and maturity. Don’t create bad habits, your limiting yourself!



Williams Brothers Hockey - Turning, Stopping, and Pivoting

Turning, Stopping, and Pivoting April 23, 2014 -   Turning, Stopping, and Pivoting are all achieved through the use of your edges, weight transfer and crossovers. Your chest should be upright and your shoulders should be square. Full extension from the heel of your blade when accelerating out of turn, stop, or pivot is paramount! Following up with a full return, picking up […]

Williams Brothers Hockey - Edge Control and Crossovers

Edge Control and Crossovers March 28, 2014 - EDGE CONTROL: When turning, you must transfer your weight to the same leg as the direction you are turning in. (Example: Place your weight on your right leg, when turning to the right.) Your shoulder should be square, parallel to the ice, not slanted! Use your outside foot to pump from the heal accelerating you […]

Williams Brothers Hockey - Body Positioning and Stride

Body Positioning and Stride March 28, 2014 - BODY POSITIONING: Before taking your first stride, you should consider your body positioning. Stay in a seated position or “Ready Hockey Position” as we call it. Your knees must be best at a 90 degree angle and your chest must be upright with your shoulders back. Your toes, knees, hips, and shoulders should be aligned. […]