Stick Skills

The content below merely scratches the surface of Stickhandling, Passing, and Shooting. We offer a variety of drills and techniques, to push each player to their maximum potential. All of these skills heavily focus on weight transfer! Having your head up and following through, after making a pass or taking a shot, is paramount! Not doing so, will result in your pass or shot not being accurate. Shot power will come with strength training and maturity. Proper form and technique should be your focus! Don’t create bad habits, your limiting yourself!




Stickhandling April 23, 2014 - This is a very basic description of stick handling. There are many, creative and effective, advanced maneuvers that a player can manipulate the puck with. However; before considering those more advanced techniques, you must focus on the basics! Above all else; don’t over stickhandle, and keep your head up! Sometimes the most effective way to […]


Passing April 23, 2014 - This is merely the basics of passing! There are many types of passes. Some of these might include; touch passes, saucer passes, forehand/backhand passes and deflection passes. An advanced player is responsible for passing the puck through and around targets, as well as receiving any incoming pass. This means any puck moving in your direction, […]


Shooting April 23, 2014 - Shooting the puck with your head up and choosing your target is a must, if you intend on taking an accurate shot. It is important to focus on your form before trying to achieve the maximum power of your shot! The key here is weight transfer, which is relative to pretty much every other skill […]