This is a very basic description of stick handling. There are many, creative and effective, advanced maneuvers that a player can manipulate the puck with. However; before considering those more advanced techniques, you must focus on the basics! Above all else; don’t over stickhandle, and keep your head up! Sometimes the most effective way to handle the puck is by simply pushing it up the ice on your forehand!

  • BASIC STICK HANDLING: While in “ready hockey position”, roll your wrists back and forth, moving in a side to side motion. It’s important to have your head up at all times so you’re ready and able to evade any incoming pressure or pass and shoot the puck ASAP!


  • PROTECTING THE PUCK: In order to properly protect the puck, you must use your body as a shield, placing yourself in between the puck and any incoming pressure. Place the puck by your foot that is furthest away from your opponent, and shift all your weight to you other foot. At this point brace for impact by keeping your head and shoulder up. Remember to keep two hands on your stick to best protect the puck from an incoming stick check.


  • PUCK & EDGE CONTROL: When making a turn with possession of the puck, always keep the puck by your inside foot, shielding it with your body. Remember to lead your body with the puck, when coming out of the turn. You must bring the puck out of the protected position by moving it across your body, in front of you. Finally allow your feet to follow, and accelerate to maximum speed with the puck ahead of you.


Forehand or Backhand? If you’re right handed, place the puck on your back hand when turning to the right. Turning to the left, place the puck on your forehand. If left handed do the opposite when turning left and right.

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